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 Please help them be rescued....

 Please take a look at the horses in the care of Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc.  Due to extended family health issues we need to downsize quickly. 

The traditional rescue that we do helps horses from abuse, neglect, auction, unfit for sale horses, owner surrender (emergency), consignment horses looking for new homes and zero fee listings to assist owners to place horses rather than send their horses to the auctions or kill pens.  We help them, we quarantine them, we work with them to prepare them for their new homes but we are not able to fulfill the special needs that only “their family” can supply.  Only you can do that.  I always hear they don’t need help, “they are safe”…. While they are “safe from immediate danger” that isn’t enough.  They still need help financially and they need their own family.  The rescue cycle isn’t complete until they find a home and have their own family.  Please take a look at the faces of those longing to be with their own family – they want to be home.

 All offers from approved homes considered.  Horses are available to be seen on Saturdays, by appointment from 12 – 3.  Please share this with your friends and ask them to do the same so we can fulfill the wishes of finding a home - it takes us all helping to make it happen and complete the cycle.  Thank you for reading and for sharing and for helping to complete the cycle. 


 Auction Pictures 


We have been abused, neglected, sent to auction, slaughter bound, starved and ultimately betrayed.  Help  restore our faith in humanity.  www.ac4h.com has been been the voice for the hopeless for over a decade.  We can't do this without you and neither can they.  Please help with your life changing financial gift or by helping them find a home.


Success Stories

It's wonderful to know that they are safe and in loving homes read some of the success stories of horses that received "another chance".

Donations needed please consider a life changing tax deductible donation to christy@ac4h.com or AC4H at 166 Station Rd., Bernville, PA 19506 
308685_10150339888007728_716247727_8093013_1788815126_n  299675_10150339884932728_716247727_8092984_277252441_n

319189_10150339881882728_716247727_8092927_763012517_n  303129_10150339883647728_716247727_8092966_820127767_n

Miniature Horses Rescued - Available click here these for the most part rescued from auction with the intention to train them to ride and drive for beginners and advanced beginners and to help the rescue with funds to pay for hay, improvements and vet bills.  The higher priced they more trained they are.  All are quarantined, have negative coggins and vaccines. Range from $350.00 on up A
8-16-11BOHorses 285 found while evaluating horses 8-15-11

8-16-11BOHorses 3878-16-11BOHorses 320 tattoo confirmed who she was.

8-16-11BOHorses 381 auction tag!



Skin Tight Jean- Gorgeous chestnut Thoroughbred mare gentle from the ground up.  Pushbutton, super gentle from the ground up easy transition willing to go anywhere you point her cross county.  Loves attention, gets along well with others.  Approximately 15.2 hands foaled in 2004.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfI20Ldfv4U

contract violated horse was sold at auction we found her while evaluating horses and bought her back for $600.00 then had to quarantine her which cost additional funds.  Civil Case pending - will be handled through court with violator of contract we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

$1,200.00 Not available
Special1special2 Special – Saddlebred cross mare 12 - 15 years old 15.1 hands nice walk, trot canter.  Gets along well with other horses.  Goes out alone or in a group.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB0M58gH5U8&feature=youtu.be

500.00 A
281960_118954214868221_118818888215087_122850_2884827_n281200_118954258201550_118818888215087_122851_2500956_n Jennifer- Bay 04 Mare out of Thrifty Jennifer - one of the first victims that was made public and assisted her heardmates.  See AC4H  Media

Jennifer has a "head tilt" which is undiagnosed but doesn't cause her any problems.  The head tilt isn't noticeable when she is running or when grazing/eating nor does she exhibit neurological symptoms.  She is sound at walk, trot and canter. 

 Suitable for companion or to train for trails.  She wasn't halter broke when she arrived but is now halter broke, ties, leads and loads.  She didn't pick up her feet initially but we are working with her on that.  She is approx 5 years old and 15 hands

more pictures

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$0 Available but will be permanent here at AC4H if she doesn't find a suitable home.

Before and after pic's



9-21-18 - Old George - Been there done that type of guy reportedly last owner didn't take very good care of him and he has a brush burn on his side/hip and a few other "bumps and bruises" approx 14 hands and smooth mouth  teenager - he is very gentle and easy to ride.  He had an abscess explode out of his right knee and went to the vets facility for healing and hair transplants as this area grows the slowest.  Transplants failed but he is nice fat and healthy the only remnant is the patch of bald on his knee. 

Very well broke unflappable great mount.

**Vet bills were over $1,200 for this guy.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1zaFtQEdYU

More pictures and video:


Jaffrey is my "Horse Angel" click here for details about this program

Donations needed to help George please consider a life changing tax deductible donation to christy@ac4h.com or AC4H at 166 Station Rd., Bernville, PA 19506 

Placement fee what $1,500.00 (vet and other expenses)



*Reg. QH mare foaled 2007 Sweet Snazy Tinker #4960370  out of Leo's Snazzy Tinker and Sweet Glo Jr. which goes back to Two Eyed Jack take a look at her pedigree on more pictures page.  Super Cute and loves attention should mature only to pony size around 14.2 hands. 

Snazzy was rescued as a yearling from a killer sale where mini's and young horses frequently ship to slaughter.  She was slaughter bound and not people friendly or halter broke.  She has a sway back which is a genetic problem.  She is friendly, leads, loads, ties, picks up her feet and could be a companion or a driving prospect. We have done stomach exercises with her touch her belly and she arches her back but even these exercises are not going to correct the issue.  She needs to be a companion or be taught possibly to drive for pleasure.

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$100.00 Available

pictures and video

Bo - Bay quarter horse approx 15 hands 15 yr old extremely well broke (Western) will go from standstill to canter, responds to cue's instantly and without hesitation he is a lot of fun with get up and go yet completely sensible and with a been there done that I will take care of you attitude. Excellent ground manners, gets along well with others. He does have a navicular growth its actually not the normal navicular its a bone growth off the navicular that looks like a fish hook - he can be used for light riding for experienced rider best home for him would be as a companion.


  **Not for children or raw beginners for riding... Companion.

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$100.00 Available


unfit - AC4H rehabilitated

Snuffy - Red dunn colt - gelding confirmed by testosterone blood test - Came to AC4H as Unfit for sale through auction he was untouched and not halter broke.  He is approx 2 yr old pony size approx 14 hands he is now halter broke and people friendly, picks up his feet learning to take tack.    He has the appearance of possibly being a Kiger mustang or Sulpher (I was emailed with this information thank you!)  you can find information about them here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiger_Mustang


flickr photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/anotherchance4horses/sets/72157625772911796/

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$300.00 A
205999_118991101531199_118818888215087_123066_4464256_n Chestnut filly Pretty Lady - when she came in she was untouched.  She is now halter broke and starting to be people friendly super athletic and gorgeous she now loads, leads, ties, picks up her feet and loves to learn.  Great prospect for barrels, poles or just fun on the trails.  Coming 3 this year still growing currently around 16 hands needs to bond with her person.

New video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M-BY5pmPSY

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_eP8vDY6qg

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$300.00 A


Grey TB mare -  Really Grayzone, born April 9th, 1989 nice walk, trot canter pushbutton girl through gaits but can be a little forward at times.  Gentle ground manners but sometimes impatient.  She doesn't trailer well in 2 horse does better in stock trailer.  Easy keeper.  Rides English, Western or bareback best suited for intermediate rider.

                         more pictures          

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$550.00 Available
216785_118998934863749_118818888215087_123094_4976692_n Shimmer - diluted gene pony mare approx 13.2 hands rides bareback, English or Western easy to ride and loves attention.

http://www.examiner.com/pet-rescue-in-national/students-at-conrad-weiser-school-experience-horse-care-first-hand-this-year by Cheryl Hanna


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$600.00 A

was used for CW High School Ag division education


more pictures and video


Donkey - approx 8 - 10 yr old white/grey gelding people friendly and loves attention :) Donkey is a great companion to ponies, horses and long ears he loves everyone.  He also educates visitors about long ears and coverts them to "long ear lovers" and that some cultures and countries like Spain like to eat donkeys for dinner! Donkey has an issue with picking up his feet for the farrier but otherwise is gentle and sweet.

more pictures and video

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$650.00 Available
313389_10150339877157728_716247727_8092841_602662763_n Tumbleweed - QH gelding early late teens or early 20's.  I was at an auction when someone who saw me contacted AC4H and my owner offered to let me go $0 fee to the rescue and NOT go through the auction.  Blood was pulled and tests looked good  the dentist said my teeth look good and the farrier trimmed my hooves.  Now that he is up to weight evaluations show a well trained western horse who neck reins may have been used for team penning or roping - not a raw beginner horse and doesn't ride or act like 20 yr old.  Unflappable, responsive and lots of fun.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1lV6oQfbfA

more pictures and information

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$800.00 A
15DSC02220 6-29-27 - Brandy Appaloosa or roan quarter horse mare branded approx 15 hands smooth mouth.  She is a great mount w/t/c pushbutton.  She is quiet and gentle and neck reins.  Our Vet checked her no sign of uveitis moon blindness. 

Lara riding bareback: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6AVFL6-21Y

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0-y_hcNfVM

Video in hand  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvqQcnY1HnM

Video w/t/c: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCu5YgHguV8

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$800.00 A
373635 6-29-18  Callie  - Appaloosa roan mare when sold through auction was reportedly used in youth rodeo "goat tying" broke, willing to please and reponded willingly to cues will ride English or Western. 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvcmHyjA7Q

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGwGulxIUk8

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$800.00 A
216749_118973314866311_118818888215087_122965_2881017_n Lemi Shine -Saddlebred gelding approx 8 yr old and 16.2 hands - he was pin fired on his front legs... Lemi shine has been consistently sound and very easy to ride//handle.  He has a wonderful disposition and adores attention from people.  Lemi shine does crib on wood when he eats his dinner.  Gets along with everyone and loves people very unflappable and extremely tolerant.

lots of pictures on Flickr


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$800.00 Available


294746_10150349113202728_716247727_8143525_528497095_n2-16-11AC4Hupdatepics 0832-16-11AC4Hupdatepics 078DSC09607 Goblin - Grey TB 11 year old gelding 16 hands who was  a work in progress on feet our farrier has done some incredible work with him we have sat on his back and walked around the ring.  He is now in great weight and his feet are the best they have been in a long time. 

Video - it was quick in between barn chores but he is a nice quiet ride - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVAyWPiLz1U

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$800.00 A
 3433 Chalise -  Chestnut mare appendix very athletic has been on trails and would be a great mount for someone who like some get up and go when asked for.  Lot's of fun to ride trails to athletic enough to to poles and barrels.  Approx 15. hands and 14 yr old.

more pics and video

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$800.00 A

more pictures and video


Casey-  Chestnut  - late teens -good for farrier and loves kids! She is a awesome trail horse and is always used for trail riding and helping gain experience on the younger horses. She must have front shoes on if she is going to be in a rocky area or riding boots either one works, If you are not going to be in a rocky area they are not a "Must".

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$ Available
294358_10150339874362728_716247727_8092815_230028555_n Bonnie - Quarter Horse mare direct rein quiet and gentle on the trail will ride English, Western or bareback.  Will do trails or ring work likes to be with other horses when on trails.  She is just a very easy to get along with lady who is gentle and easy to handle.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zI5QHmoo5w

more pictures and video

$800.00 Available


4-29-13 - TB mare tattoo looks like H30018 Coolridge Baroness 8 yr old star.  Clip ear as she is affectionately called because one of her ears has a split at the top.  She as a very nice walk/trot can be a little sassy when initially asked for a canter but is a nice mover and when asked has some energy - lots of possibilities for this lovely young lady.

       additional pictures and video

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$800.00 A
5208_123340076032_580821032_2398209_6184296_n310419_10150349115237728_716247727_8143542_646307236_n377194_158529540910688_118818888215087_253743_869489781_n DSC02330

Leggacy - Registered American Trakehner Association Part -Trakehner Division #ORB-D-M931 foaled April 17, 1992 by Schonfeld out of Lotus Effect  - she is a walk/trot ring or trail mount.  Has hacked on trails, played with jumping and has been to open shows.

Selina riding her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdt77mvwX4o

more pics and info

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$1,200.00 A
319600_10150349108452728_716247727_8143492_143283296_nDSC02115DSC02201 Bobby's Honor - 5 year old Thoroughbred or warmblood gelding still growing and possibly will mature at or very close to 17 hands currently 16.2 hands.   In your pocket personality, gets along well with others.  Bobby is green is in training with Lara does a very willing walk, trot and is learning to move with leg pressure and has started slow canter.   He is a very nice mover  - endless possibilities. 

             More pictures and video 

Lara riding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URdORl7us3Q

Selina riding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEofmtSWh4o

Lara riding Canter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxNnh_wIjnA

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$2,500.00 Available
164314_501901792727_716247727_6059808_1647085_n3-8-11bohorses 1153-8-11bohorses 1173-8-11bohorses 108 3-8-11bohorses 106 

 more pictures


Rare registered Gotland Russ pony mare Hillstead Kara Doe, sire was imported from Sweden.  There are approx 200 currently in the USA. Foaled 4-6-99 Bay filly registration #553. 

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$2,500.00 Available
4243 Gypsy cob pony gelding Tolkien is sired by an imported gypsy cob stallion SMHC's Gypsy King and out of a mare SMHC's Molly One who is 1/2 shetland and 1/2 haflinger.   Foaled 4-02-04.  Application for registration. In doing research we found him on this website http://www.smhc.com/kingstolkien.html.  We have contacted them to let them know.  Apparently he was dispersed with a band of broodmares.

  Lara my daughter trained Tolkien he now does a wonderful walk, trot and canter and Selina is able to ride him English, Western or bareback.    Will go through water and is a wonderful pony.  This pony is very athletic and willing he would make a phenominal gaming pony.

Breeders - please protect your horses with an agreement.  You put them on the ground you have a responsibility to keep them safe.  When your horse or breed shows up at kill pen - because it wasn't protected.... it originated with you and followed what you put into motion. 

more pictures and video

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$2,500.00 Available
  AC4H Sanctuary Horses

Needed sponsors for the month $450.00 per horse.  Horse angels needed to help them feel loved and special.  Spread the word thank you!

Business and Corporate sponsors brochure:


 Sponsors Needed to help the Permanent residents. They need your help. Ways to help them... through monetary donations, donating wish list items, being a horse angel, horse helper or a corporate sponsor. AC4H is a non-profit organization with an all volunteer staff. Donations help pay for food, veterinary care, hoof care, dentist work, supplements, general maintenance and supplies. Thank you for helping them.


  AC4H Sanctuary Horses    
ellie.jpg4ellie.jpg2  brought back from starvation... Ellie - Chestnut mare, thin obviously in need of some weight top teeth are nubs she has bottom teeth approx 10/11 hands she needs senior feed and hay cubes.  Rehabilitated won first place in 2010 at open 4 h driving show!  Ellie suffered a stroke in winter of 2010 she is a companion and retired as a permanent resident at AC4H.

 more pictures and information

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Permanent Not Available
8-6-11AC4Hhorses 623


additional pictures and information

John Spice - mini horse - pulled from a slaughter pen.  It appears as though they just whacked off the toes and rounded them after a years of neglect.  He has no frog and extremely contracted heels.  

His rehabilitation was used for a clinical case study for farrier work and also to educate school children after they read the book written about him This little Horse didn't go to Market which you can see on the additional pic's page.

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not available permanent resident Not  Available/Permanent


320656_10150372746352728_716247727_8271742_857055212_n Montiego Bay - AQHA gelding in his late 20's who has ringbone that has calcified over and arthritis.  He served quite a bit of his life doing search and rescue even had an article written about him because he helped to save a 10 yr old child who went missing.   When his owners could no longer financially afford him we took him in.  He was adopted out but unfortunately the family went through a divorce and he was returned.  He will now live out the rest of his days with us.

more pictures and information

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Permanent resident

Sponsors Needed for permanent residents

Not Available

Kestrel you can read her story here, she is the last one.   And then there were none, A horse owner's worst nightmare Press Release

more pictures

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Permanent resident

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Not Available

photo wrap on hoof and had a nice bath burdocks removed and cold hosed legs


Read her Story..

Descendant of Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand rescued from tragic fate

Fundraising for Lady Empress her vet bills for exam, preventative treatment and treatment of hoof abscess  $400.00 for vetting & quarantine is 4 weeks $420.00.   We didn't breed, race or sell this horse - but with your help we we can make a difference in her life.  Please consider a life changing tax deductible donation, thank you! 

Fundraising - http://ac4h.chipin.com/lady-empress-aftercare-expenses-and-quarantine

November Sponsors needed for permanent residents f - with your life changing gift your name or business will be displayed on the website for 30 days.

Click link to Sponsor her for the month-  http://ac4h.chipin.com/ladyempressnovembersponsor

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Horse Angels - Please come visit Lady E. in Honey brook we are open on Monday for visitors- she would love to see you and would love treats, Ultium grain, new halter, lead rope, blanket and if anyone has round pen panels we could really use a donated round pen/gate.  She has been rescued and rehabilitated she just needs help with life changing funds, thank you!


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