Buster Brown saved by coordinated group effort... literally a walking skeleton... if you see something like this happening please report it.  See Abuse/Neglect for more information on PA cruelty laws.

                  at arrival       rehabilitated

buster brown approx 18 yr old bay gelding - neglected and in need of dentist and proper diet.  "We didn't think he would walk out of there."


10-25-06 Currently at AC4H blanketed and with a full belly the first time since who knows when?? Buster Brown says thank you for helping him

Buster Brown at AC4H

this is a picture taken at an angle so you can see how far his ribs stick out...

top of his back looking toward rear

rear end

out for a walk with Abbie...

11-3-06 Buster got his teeth done! He had a few cavities and one of his teeth actually fell out while the dentist was filing.

Buster with his new companion... 12/06


Buster with his new family...